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Repair Information

Repair Checklist


1. Email us for an (RMA#) repair material authorization number or to buy an extended warranty by contacting us at


2. Send the unit or item to the address provided AFTER receiving the RMA# and next steps.


3. Send in all cables and power supply that came with the unit.  We WILL NOT repair the unit without them. (Power supply and SCAN cable)


4. Enclose your name, address, email & phone number on a letter with the unit on it's problems.


5. Use bubble wrap ONLY!  DO NOT pack in stryne peanuts (static kills electronics).   


6. If unit is past the 3 year date as of today, your unit will no longer be covered under the warranty package and you must pay "Out of Warranty" Bench Service Charges at the rate of $125.00/per hour (includes troubleshooting and repair times)


7. If you have purchased a unit within the last 60 days but opted out of a warranty purchase at check out, you may qualify for purchase of an extended warranty. If you have purchased within the past 364 days, please contact us for further warranty information. Please note that all units and accessories come with a standard 1 year Manufacturer warranty unless otherwise stated.

Purchasing an Extended Warranty:


Extended warranties can be purchased for your unit from

Please "Contact Us" and we will need your serial number or item name of the unit to check on services updates.   Each item will have a differently warranty charge depending on item.               Thank you


What is Wrong with this unit?

What is Wrong with this unit?

Clothing DOES NOT work as suitable packing material. Please only pack with bubble Wrap.

Please treat your unit better.

Please treat your unit better.

The above unit is so damaged, I'm not sure if we can even fix it. This package did not have a contact phone number or email. So we could not speak to the owner and find out what happened to it.

If we receive any units in such condition, we will just set them off to the side until you call to check on it. Without your contact information, we cannot get a hold of you to discuss the damage.

Extended warranty cover all parts, labor, cables, power supplies, mechanical parts and 

software upgrades for the term purchased up to 3 years . Please contact us via the email "Contact us" form on the right for warranty and repair varification.



*Are you Eligible for an extended warranty?

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