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AM3 (Matrix III)

Advanced Bio-Photon Analyzer Matrix 3 can be used for industry professionals. The theory of the AM3 is the creation of an oscillating magnetic field which sets up a pattern of resonance which causes the cells of the body to begin to re-synchronize in a coherent pattern. It is analogous to the chaos of a marching band whose members are all out of step, and the band director blows the whistle to put them into uniform step. Every cell starts to re-synchronize with all other cells and all of the body systems start working together harmoniously.

Digital Media Interface (DMI)

Now using digital photos with your A2 or AM3 is easy with the Digital Media Interface also known as the DMI. Simply upload the photos to the DMI from any computer using the included cord, It really is that easy.

Personal Energetic Trainer (PET)

Personal Energetic Trainer (PET) Unit with multiple options for Performance, Focus, Recover, and Stress-eze.


Unit Options and colors:





ABPA Advanced Bio-Photon Analyzer (A2)


The Advance Bio-Photon Analyzer is one of the most advanced and sophisticated isopathic generator ever made, while it remains the most simplest to use. The ABPA was developed for the chemical and allergy sensitive clients. The ABPA can make a self tuned custom isopathic remedy in less than 40 seconds with a range of 0-cmm using intelligence auto potency internal software. The ABPA is the only instrument on the market that contains safety codes software that is both used in the A2 and transferred into the isopathic media. Just think you now have an instrument that can make advance custom made homeopathic remedies called isopathic’s. No more trips to the store to find multiple remedies the ABPA can auto scan and find the best remedy and potency in just 40 second! And safe enough that a child can use, smart enough to figure how to remove energetic stress and stabilize you.

Units and Accessories

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